Introduction to web development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

The new course is already uploaded on the Mathesis page, drawing its topics from many different fields.

The course "Introduction to web development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript" is addressed to the general public and aims to introduce the basic technologies of the Internet, this tool that today covers every aspect of life of all of us.

The course is particularly concerned with the technologies with which websites are constructed and does not require prior programming knowledge.

In the course, we will look at the architecture and basic web protocols, the main elements of the HTML5 language, with which we describe the content and structure of a web page, the CSS3 language with which we define how the content will be presented to the user, and the JavaScript programming language that gives the website interactivity.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to create their own websites, which contain videos, images, information entry forms, etc.

Lecturer: Nikos Avouris, University of Patras
Starting: December 14, 2020

Registration (Free)

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