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Even Ray-Ban admits that these are first generation smartglasses.

Following a leak, Ray-Ban unveiled its new Stories smart sunglasses, a hardware project in collaboration with Facebook.

Ray-Ban describes glasses as a "new way to capture, share and listen" to capture, share and listen. They are also described as the company's first generation smartglasses.

What you need to know.

On the front there is a pair of 5MP cameras that can take 2592 x 1944 pixel photos and 1184 x 1184 pixel videos at 30 frames per second.

The storage capacity is enough for about thirty 30 second video clips or 500 photos.

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To draw attention to those nearby to be photographed or videotaped, there is an LED that lights up at the front.

Users will receive notifications about battery status and what the glasses do with a color-changing LED.

Open-ear speakers and surround-sound microphones are integrated into the glasses for playing music and making and receiving calls.

The cameras can be controlled by voice, allowing hands-free activation. There is also a touch pad on the side of the smart glasses that allows you to play / pause music and take photos and videos. The touchpad can also be used as a volume control or as a way to skip tracks.

Stories smart glasses are charged wirelessly when placed in the portable charging case.

The glasses take about an hour to charge and will offer about 6 hours of sporadic use. The charging case can recharge the smart glasses three times.

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The glasses are available in three styles (Wayfarer, Round and Meteor) in six colors and come with clear lenses (prescription or corrective) or sunglasses.

Voice control and integration can be done from a Facebook View application that integrates with Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The device has Wi-Fi (802.11 Ac, 2.45 / 5 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0, and is compatible with Android 8.1 and above or iOS 13 and above.

Prices start at $ 299. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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