elementary OS 5.1.5 has just been released new and improved

Elementary OS has released version 5.1.5 and brings an improved welcome screen for the AppCenter enhanced Files, and of course, as with any new release, there are more to discover after installation.

As for AppCenter, you will notice a very important change: no more administrator privileges are required to install the updates.

Of course there are some who believe that this method does not offer security, because administrators only need to approve the installation of applications.

The reason for this change, the he explains elementary OS co-founder Cassidy James Blaede:

"Since an administrator has to approve the initial installation, it made no sense to make users need authentication only for updates. It is part of our ongoing work to reduce authentication and increase rights only when necessary. "

As for the Files application, there is a change that substantially improves usability when working with images. Starting with this release, you can simply copy a photo and paste it into a different application. The elementary OS will no longer paste the path of the file, but the image itself.

The Files application brings other small improvements, such as more information that will help a lot in managing files.

Obviously there are many other minor fixes and enhancements, such as freezes when changing specific settings. Overall, according to the developers the elementary OS is much better than before.

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