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Below we will see where you can host an email with your own domain. Creating a mail server in your web hosting site was an option we used years ago.

At the moment this is not appropriate for many different reasons. Let's look at some:

  • Outgoing emails end up in the "spam" mailbox and your customers or visitors never see them.
  • Outgoing emails are not sent due to security restrictions (on a web server) or accidental php errors on your page.
  • You receive a lot of spam in your emails.

Spam filters on email servers have become much more aggressive than ever, to provide security of course. So if you set one of these filters in the mail service that you host on your web server there is a risk of losing many messages.

Maintaining a mail server along with the web server it uses is not wise for another reason:

The reputation of your server's IP.

Η LOW-reputation and not at all-reputation are the worst problems you can have on an email server.

LOW-reputation or low reputation, means that your server has been flagged as spam by some email servers around the world. Maybe because someone started sending spam (maybe from the previous owner) or because some lazy people marked your emails as "spam" as a more convenient way to unsubscribe. If you are hosted on a shared server again, there is a chance that someone else on that server will send spam.

No reputation: do you think that your VPS with an exclusive IP will solve all email delivery problems? It's not that easy.

Chances are your dedi IP was already spammed at some point. This is a typical behavior of spammers, who change IPs very often.

But even if it has never been classified as spam, there is the issue of "no reputation". Your messages will still be unreliable because your server does not send enough emails.

Basically, you need a reliable mail server with many add-ons for more security and reliability. Do you think that the cheap web hosting server that you got for 5 euros a month will be interested in the reputation of your e-mail, and will contain all the add-ons you need?

Let's see the services we have chosen for you:

G-Suite we are talking about the standard email hosting. The G-Suite service is the most expensive, but has most features, great delivery capability and protection against spam.

MXroute cheap service which works, if of course you like it as a service. If you want to reduce costs the service is functional but beware: If you do not like something you will not be able to get your money back. Personally, my service seems very tentatively set up by one person and not by a reliable company.

Outlook 365 very good email delivery like G-Suite, and very reliable spam blocking. Expensive service, but easily integrated with all other Microsoft products.

Zoho cheap service but very functional. Spam protection and cloud space. Think of them as a cheaper G-Suite service, but without Google of course.

Migadu excellent service. The pricing model is very different from everything we mentioned above. You will have unlimited storage for as many mailboxes as you want, but you will be charged for the number of emails you send each month. (Other services offer limited storage but unlimited sending and receiving of email)

Proton mail for more security and encrypted emails. The cost of the service is the same as G-Suite, but its servers are located in Switzerland. Thus all user data is protected by Swiss law.

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