Smartphones with 24 GB RAM are coming. Do you really need them?

It seems that smartphone manufacturers have largely adopted 8GB to 16GB of RAM in the -end models, although the gaming mobile REDMAGIC 7 Pro exceeds 18 GB.

Now, the well-known tipster Digital Chat Station claims on Weibo that smartphones with up to 24 GB of RAM are coming.817017450049830919

The user who posted the leak did not mention a specific model or brand, but mentions “Oga”. This is reportedly the grouping name for OnePlus, OPPO and Realme. Another element to this is the mention of Color OS in the post, an operating system that powers OnePlus devices as well as OPPO in China. Meanwhile, Realme UI is essentially a slightly modified version of Color OS.

Hyperbole for a smartphone?

However, why would anyone need 24GB of RAM in a smartphone. There are many benefits to having more RAM, such as being able to multitask more apps, open more browser tabs, enable more advanced features, and more.

To this day manufacturers are still aggressive about memory management, stopping apps running in the background, even though 12GB or 16GB of RAM is available in a lot of phones. To mention that even 8 – 12 GB of RAM is enough and 16 GB of RAM was too much. So, we could say that phone manufacturers are not making the most of the RAM they already have.

In other words, even if you have a phone with 24GB of RAM, you probably won't see a noticeable difference compared to a phone with 12GB or 16GB. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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