ESET Foundation funds the first 100.000 PCR tests for Covid-19

ESET Foundation: Scientists from Slovakia's MultiplexDX, Lambda Life and ProScience Tech companies have joined forces with virologists at the BMC SAV Academy of Biomedical Research Center to develop reagents based on the World Health Organization (WHO) protocols. ) for reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the first phase, they plan to produce and distribute 100.000 diagnostic kits to be funded by the Foundation ESET Foundation and will offer them to the Government of Slovakia.

ESET Foundation

Crucial to the project is the contribution of MultiplexDX, a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative molecular diagnostic reagents. At the present stage, the Slovak PCR test is being tested in collaboration with a team of scientists from BMC SAV.

According to the preliminary results, the new diagnostic test works satisfactorily and shows good sensitivity compared to the available diagnostic methods.

"This means that the diagnostic test we are preparing is reliable and accurate and can help diagnose the disease at an early stage. We can develop in two weeks what is needed to produce 100.000 diagnostic tests, "said Pavol Čekan, founder of MultiplexDX.

"For the process of evaluating and reporting the results of the research, we work with the non-profit organization CCCT SK. According to estimates, this stage will take about three weeks, "said Adam Andráško of ProScience Tech.

"Virus detection includes sampling, RNA isolation and PCR diagnosis, with the joint effort to focus on the final stage," said Ivan Juráš of Lambda Life

The entire production, including the first 100.000 diagnostic kits, will initially be made available to diagnostic laboratories in Slovakia.

"We are ready to cooperate with state laboratories, responding immediately to their needs and supplying them with sufficient quantities. "Once we meet the needs of the Slovak laboratories, we will be able to distribute quantities in other countries that may need our products," explain the test creators.

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