Everyday Robots on the Google Bay Area campus

Alphabet he said today that the Everyday Robots Project, a group of experimental X labs dedicated to " general-purpose robot”, she moved some of her prototype machines out of the lab to Google's Bay Area campus and assigned them some light janitorial-cleaning duties.

everyday robots

The Verge reports:

“We now manage a fleet of more than 100 prototypes that run it a range of useful tasks around our desks," Everyday Robots Project head Hans Peter Brondmo said in a blog post.

"The same robot that sorts garbage can now be equipped with various cleaners to sweep tables, grab cups and open doors."

Everyday robots

These robots are essentially wheeled arms, with a reusable arm at the end of a flexible arm attached to a center tower.

There is a "head" at the top of the tower with cameras and sensors for mechanical vision and something resembling a rotating LED unit on the side, possibly for navigation.

As Brondmo reports, these robots were first used to sort her when Alphabet debuted the Everyday Robot team in 2019.

The promise made by the company (as well as by many other startups and competitors) is that the will finally allow robots to operate in "unstructured" environments such as homes and offices.

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