F1 2018 get it for free from Humble

After a long break, Humble is back with a new gift, this time offering the F1 2018 racing game developed by Codemasters. The offer is available on the weekend, ending on August 10.

F1 2018 has introduced a revised feature where players must manage their reputation both during and between games. It also boasts that it has the largest collection of F1 classic cars at that time (2018), and an extremely expensive car simulation model.

You can access the F1 2018 gift from the Humble store page of the game. The freebie comes as a Steam key, and all you need to get it is to sign up for the free Humble Store newsletter.

While the giveaway ends on August 10, there is a chance that the keys will run out before the date, so hurry up. Also make sure to redeem the game on Steam immediately, as the non-redeemed keys will expire on August 17th.


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