Facebook Generation Has Found A New Way To Die


Everyone in this photo one day will die (photo of
Adam Fagen)

Look, one day you will die. Deformed inside an industrial fan. Having struck with a light bulb. Peacefully while you sleep after masturbation without precedent. It does not matter so much how you die. Your veins will shrink in the flesh. New formations will grow inside your head, neck and lungs. You will die. Your muscles will tremble and dissolve. Your bones begin to rub and become dust. You are dying. You are dying right now. You will die.

Anyway: Facebook knows this and for this it presents a new tool to help users manage their accounts after the time of death. As he says
The Next Web The new tool "Your Legacy Contact" will allow you to appoint a friend, who will take control of your account if you end up. This person will be able to pin one last message on your homepage, notify your friends about the funeral, and update your profile to make it more serious and appropriate.

Profile picture is the most important of all. I have an unexpected feeling that one day I can murder my limbs in rubbish bins, my head on the bottom of a lake, its trunk to feed on dogs, or something like that - and I'm worried about what my photo used in the news, as part of the manhunt that will be organized with torches and dogs to find out that my organs are left behind. I'm afraid I will be the one who is very young, I have scars from my pimples, my hair is shit and I do health with the beer through the shower at a party, at home. Maybe she's the one who's face down on the floor after they hit me in the balls with a wooden bat. Or maybe the one who's dressed up with Nintendo in a stupid club, which I think I just realized I was messing with me. There are no decent, reputable photos of my existence. That's what I fear more than it has to do with the inevitability of death.

Last summer we had to open the mother's laptop - fortunately it was still logged in - and we made a post "Hello everyone, although it's a little awkward, of course" - then we asked Facebook to digitally bury her account. It was a bit weird thing to manage during an already strange and sad period, but imagine what would happen if it had Twitter or Instagram or a network of strange racist friends who had met by commenting under video clips on YouTube. All of these accounts should be closed and immortalized. Friends only on the internet should be notified. The internet makes it all the more complicated to die.

I guess this is an indication that Facebook is growing. Before 8 years it was a platform where the prodigious youths could share their photos from their night craps. Then came the place where you could announce your first stupid little relationship and your even deeper separation. Through this you have organized every party you have been in for the last five years. Know your friends' birthdays and yours, the important events for you better than you. The Facebook grew up with us-holding our hand by sending us invitations to Farmville, letting us know our situation by writing something like, "I just lost my cell phone. Send me all your phones "- and now he is studying the issue of death. I'm not saying that Facebook literally wants us to die, but Facebook has definitely been transformed and is now really aware of death, in this panic-like way that causes sweat.

The Facebook he woke up to cocaine and tripped on a fox on the street and just shuddered. Facebook calls you at 5 a.m. and he says to you "dude, I love you. I know I'm not saying enough, dude, just do not forget that I love you. "Because one day we will all die and I do not want you to die without knowing that I love you." Facebook says "do you want to play Candy Crush right now?"

Creating "Your Legacy Contact" is probably a more important decision than the emergency contact you fill out in an employment contract. Maybe more than choosing a best man or best man at a wedding. You die at work and you just need the most responsible person in your family to put your inflated corpse in a coffin. But your Facebook page? You need someone who will "Like" every message full of compassion. Someone who knows in which selfie from Instagram you are prettier. Someone to hide all those photos of you from the parties where you fainted and had your ass out. In essence, the role of Legacy Contact is primarily as an author: to filter out all the bad parts of your life and to embellish and enhance the good like painting.

Anyway, you'll be fine. You have a long time yet. You will live forever. But for the rest - all doomed with invisible timers above our heads that count back to death - Legacy Contact is a tough reminder that the Facebook party is over and that our youth is but a glimpse of memory and that it also needs to begin to make our responsible people friends before the end will inevitably come to an end.


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