How many privacy requests Facebook received from Greece?

The number of requests received by Facebook from the Authorities to deliver user data seems to have increased in the first half of 2016, according to the company's data. Below we present Facebook's 2016 Facebook privacy requests, according to the transparency report you can see in full from the link at the end of the publication.

Facebook has unveiled all National Security Letters (NSLs) received in the first half of 2016 to deliver user-specific personal information to governments and various law enforcement agencies.Facebook

The information requested in the NSL includes the name, address and records of the electronic communications and transactions relating to that person. However, Facebook was not required to provide the content of the person's communications.

All government requests for account data for the largest social network increased by 27% worldwide compared to the second half of 2015. From 46.710 applications, the number has risen to 59.229 requests.

The majority of applications (more than 40 per cent) came from US law enforcement authorities. India followed by 10,8 percent, and the United Kingdom came third with 9,2%.

The governments of France and Germany are also ranked very high since their percentage represents 6,4 percent and 6,2 percent of the total, respectively.

Countries like China and Russia were absent from the list as Facebook was banned.

Greece now, according to the Transparency Report, requested data for 398 users of Facebook and 84 from these requests were urgently identified. From the 398 requests received by Facebook, he served 326.

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