Facebook accessible from Tor, with onion address

The Facebook on the network Tor; After activating HTTPS's secure browsing by default for all its users in August last year, Facebok takes another step to allow safe browsing of its members wishing to surf anonymously. The most popular social network today is also available through the Tor network for users who want to remain anonymous when they connect to the Web.FacebookTor

Facebok's onion address is https://facebookcorewwwi.onion Do not attempt to connect without Tor. The Tor network address will connect users of the service to Facebook's Core WWW Infrastructure and provide end-to-end communication security, directly from the user's browser to a Facebook data center, allowing private and secure browsing connections. An SSL certificate issued by Facebook will confirm to visitors that they have access to the correct destination.

You can log in as long as you have it Tor on your computer.

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