FaceTime Disable it now, watch you

A major bug discovered on Apple iOS allows FaceTime users to access the microphone and camera of the device they are calling even if the device owner does not answer the call.

The script: Someone calls FaceTime to another person who has an iOS device and adds himself or herself to the FaceTime Group before answering. FaceTime

This will trigger the microphone of the calling person and enable them to hear what is going on in the room. If the device owner now presses the power button to prevent FaceTime from ringing, the front camera will also be activated.

This means that if someone calls you on FaceTime, they could hear and see what you're doing without you knowing.

It is not known at this time who first discovered the error, but many publish it Social Networks as a video as you see below.

9to5Mac says Apple is aware of the problem and will release a fix this week.

Until then, it would be good to turn off FaceTime on your device completely from Settings - FaceTime.


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