FingerReader Scans and narrates the text of a MIT project

At a time when communication seems to splash out of smartphone and tablet displays, visually impaired people are probably not particularly favored.
This reflection was made by American researchers from the Fluid Interfaces lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and developed the FingerReader: a read ring that allows blind people to play the information on ... fingers.

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The information on ... fingers

The hi-tech accessory is worn on the user's pointer and narrates the manuscript that he calls each time in a male voice. For example, when he places his finger on a book's page, on the surface of a tablet or an ebook, moving it to the right, the reading ring scans the text by translating the characters into a voice. With the help of a special software, FingerReader tells the story that slowly unfolds in front of the reader. In order for the user to maintain the correct path with his finger, the reading tool has a vibration so that he can easily understand, e.g. that it has moved away from the point of the text.

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FingerReader, according to scientists, could in the future replace existing reading systems that target visually impaired people and often offer limited capabilities while presenting inaccuracies when operating.

The handy device is still in development. Researchers argue that there are still some "flaws" that need to be improved, the speed of reading, the fact that it is wired and so on.

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