Firefox 60: Disable sponsored content

Mozilla Firefox has for a long time been a browser that was very careful about protecting your privacy. While Google's popular Chrome browser collects all kinds of information from your browsing to serve relevant ads, Firefox never did.

But with the latest version of Firefox 60, you will start seeing "ad stories" on the "New Tab" page.

In the past, we have mentioned that we are the product. The Mozilla Foundation could not miss the party.
Why is it a problem? The movement of the foundation may disappoint a few users who choose Firefox for their daily tour. Of course, Mozilla tries to gold the pill by saying that the analytics will not be sold to advertising companies.
Of course we should mention that the Mozilla Foundation does not consider sponsoring content, or accepting sponsorship for content… Yes, it is the positive reflow of the term advertising (ad) that sounds very badly in marketing.

So at least supports Nate Weiner, founder and CEO of Pocket. Mozilla took over the company at the beginning of last year.

Firefox introduced "Recommended Content" in 2015. The feature uses your browsing history to indicate sponsored content that may be of interest to you. Ever since the Mozilla Foundation bought Pocket Service read-it-later in 2017, the service has been integrated into the browser.

However, in Firefox 60, the Pocket feature extends the "suggested content" to include "sponsored content". So if you are not interested in the new feature, below we will see how you can disable it.

Open a new tab in Firefox and click on the Gear in the top right corner. In the area Recommended by Pocket, uncheck in Show Sponsored Stories.Firefox

If you do not see the setting, you have not upgraded on Firefox 60, or if you are on Linux you have already disabled data collection from your browser settings.

Why does Mozilla show ads?

For bigger profits of course… The company has clearly stated the rationale for this change. You can ddownload the official publication for full details. You will find that the company promises not to send user data to other advertising companies and will not collect them on company servers.

In Mozilla, we take your personal data very seriously. The Activity Stream page will not collect data that could help in your personal identification. We will not broadcast what you are browsing, searches you make or your private settings. Activity Stream will not send cookies and will use Layer Security ransport technology to securely transmit data to Mozilla servers.

The foundation states that the data collected will be stored on their servers securely for 30 days in anonymous and aggregated form. Then they will be permanently deleted…

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