Why does Firefox 54 use only one process?

By release of Firefox 54 last week, finally completed the of the disposition of multiprocess electrolysis or multiprocess Electrolysis.

From the last one του, ο Firefox μπορεί χρησιμοποιήσει έως και τέσσερις διεργασίες, και έτσι οι of the popular browser will be able to have better memory usage and of course better performance.Firefox 54

However, users who have been using the Mozilla Foundation browser for years may be disappointed to find that the browsing them works in a single process.

If this is the case for you, the culprits are the add-ons you've probably been using for years.

To check if Firefox 54 uses a single process, you can check the operations of your operating system or check if the browser value associated with the internal configuration of dom.ipc.processCount in the firefit's about: config is set to 1 .

If you notice any of the above, it's time to search for Firefox add-ons to see which extension gives the error.

Firefox provides little information at this time, but if you install the extension Add-on Compatibility Reporter you will see a lot of information in Firefox's Expansion Table.firefox

In the upper right corner there will be a label indicating whether the multi-process is activated or not. Below you will see a list of all and a label indicating whether or not they are compatible with electrolysis.

What you will do below is up to you:

If you disable incompatible extensions, then the multiple process in your browser will be enabled, but you may also need to change the value of dom.ipc.processCount as I did.

Alternatively, you can continue to run your browser in a single process if you definitely need a specific add-on, knowing that with Firefox 57 released in November, all extensions will be transferred to WebExtensions.

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