Firefox Screenshots, new browser mode

In of Firefox Nightly, you can find a new feature called Firefox Screenshots. Allows you to capture a visible portion of an open page or entire page, including the section that is not visible without scrolling.

With just one click, you can upload screenshots and get a link to share with your friends.

The ability to take screenshots (Firefox Screenshots) is not a new feature of Firefox. From before the foundation a Mozilla allowed taking screenshots with a special command of the program .

Eventually the browser developers added the useful feature, with an icon on the εργασιών της εφαρμογής οπότε δεν απαιτείται πλέον να πληκτρολογείτε . Added a new button to the command bar, so you can take a screenshot with one click.

If you click the button, a small import will appear.

The following UI will then appear on the screen.Firefox Screenshots

You can choose between "Save Full Page" and "Save Visible".Firefox Screenshots

After that, you can save your screen locally or upload it electronically to

Once it's up screen , you will have its link to share with your friends via any messenger, Facebook or email.

The "My Shots" button will allow you to access your previous Screenshots.

On his website, you can adjust the end time of your screen shots or delete them instantly.

The screenshots feature is not new to Firefox, but the feature of the ability to upload screenshot, is a very fresh idea. Let's wait to see the feature in the stable version of the browser. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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