Firefox: will soon get a Tor addon

The web browser it could get a Tor functionality plugin soon, which will greatly improve the security of the end user using it Gate.

The ultimate goal is to implement a fully functional TOR program on σας, και αυτό το project απαi year. However, members of the Mozilla team and the Tor network seem to be already discussing the challenges.

Firefox tor

Their suggestion is to develop a browser add-on that would trigger Tor's functionality in Firefox. This approach could give both companies the time to develop what they need for this new feature.

The extension will not be installed by default in Firefox, and users will have to download it manually from the Mozilla website to enable Tor's operation.

"It would allow users to see how it could be a final version of integration with Tor. It could also help to measure your interest by counting downloads, etc. ” he says the Tor development team.

"The add-on will require increased permissions compared to a standard WebExtension, to be able to call XPCOM functions, for example. The addon will be signed by Mozilla and will be distributed by Mozilla anyway, so that there are no problems ".

Mozilla developers and Tor Project already discuss various technical details.

Το addon θα ρυθμίζει το πρόγραμμα περιήγησης ώστε να χρησιμοποιεί το δίκτυο  tor σαν proxy, και θα επιτρέπει that prevent bypass parameters, will resist fingerprinting, just as it does with Tor Browser settings.

At this time, the devs believe that the best way to proceed with the project and the is the addition of a Tor mode button that will launch a dedicated profile in a new window.

We do not know at this time when the first public release will be released.

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