Firefox will support Google's WebP image

2010 introduced Google WebP image format, a new format for images that creates up to 45% smaller image sizes than PNG, for a similar quality.

Η Google WebP image format is obviously supported by Google Chrome and Chromium-supported browsers such as Opera. As you can easily understand, it did not receive much acceptance from other browser manufacturers due to their competitiveness. To date, no browser other than Chrome and Opera can "read" and view WebP images. The big picture viewing and editing programs have been supporting it for a long time.

You can compare the photo of this article that basically is a screenshot of the latest version of Firefox 62.0.3 where it can not show the WebP images and only shows their tags (right) in their place.

But with the new Windows 10 update for October 2018 (what some people have lost their records) Microsoft Edge browser supports WebP image format. In turn, it looks like Mozilla will also embrace Google technology. According to CNET, the Mozilla Firefox browser will eventually support Google's WebP image.

Specifically, the news brought to us by CNET is that Mozilla is advancing support for the WebF for Firefox format that runs on desktop and Android. It clearly states that Firefox will not support WebP running on iOS.

So we are waiting to see the developments on the issue. We are also interested in why smaller pictures in volume, of the same quality ensure a reduction in bandwidth, less traffic to networks, and thus a faster internet.

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