Free File Wiper full deletion of files

Free File Wiper v1.91: There are many who believe that if they delete a file and cannot be recovered from their computer's recycle bin.

Error: In the digital world, nothing is completely erased unless you know how. This can be useful if you delete something by mistake and want to retrieve it, but it is also a trap for those who do not know and believe they have cleaned their computer from strictly personal data.

The free Free File Wiper application will help ensure that the files you delete from your computer cannot be recovered. The application only supports the Windows. Free File Wiper
The application does not need installation. Just double-click on .exe and you'll see a small bin on your desktop.

Throw the files you want to disappear into the trash and they will be destroyed.

Right-clicking on the application icon in the task bar you can select the delete method (it has four different delete modes) and other settings.

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Download the mobile application:

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