Free Adobe Lightroom CC tutorial for beginners from Adobe

Adobe, wanting to promote the new cloud-based Lightroom CC program, has announced six courses for beginners about it.

If you wish to start learning this , the Training Channel has just released a comprehensive tutorial geared towards beginners. You can attend six training courses 38 minutes each.

At the seminar, the instructor of Jesus Ramirez guides how to use all the different tools and panels in Lightroom CC to "tease" your photos. There are ways to track them. You can watch the entire video which contains all six lessons together or you can attend each lesson separately.

Below you can find these six lessons, each in a separate video:

Part 1: Introduction to Photos

Part 2: Interface and Smart Search

Part 3: Tables, Light and Color

Part 4: Impact, detail, Optics, and geometry tables

Part 5: Trimming, normalization, targeted customizations and defaults

Part 6: Exporting Photos The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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