GDPR: Newspapers are the first victims of the new regulation

GDPR follow-up: Today marks the start s of the new regulation of privacy in Europe and despite two years of warnings, at least two major newspaper chains in the US they don't seem to have succeeded.

Online readers from Europe woke up this morning to find that the newspapers owned by the Tronc Group, (Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune), could not be displayed in their browsers. Some of the of Tronc had disappeared from the EU App Stores.
On the other hand, Lee Enterprises, which owns a number of 46 smaller regional newspapers, also announced that its websites are not available.

One of them even reportedly took extreme measures to appear online USA USA Today redirects readers from Europe to a new page ( with a limited number of news and absolutely no advertising.

GateHouse Media appears to prevent IPs from reading newspapers in Europe.

Today is the first day of implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. The new regulation aims to give its users from Union greater control over their personal data.
The regulation was adopted in April of 2016, giving companies two years to prepare.
Lately, you will have noticed too many emails in your inbox with requests for re-writing to various services.

This is because the new regulation requires a more explicit consent from the user to allow his personal data to be collected. Please note that in the event of a violation of the regulation, fines will be imposed up to 4% of the total income of the non-qualifying company.

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  1. The GDPR refers to organizations, companies, parties, etc. and not blogs and people who write and present - post with passion.
    Do not miss them, do not get confused and do not pay attention to what is happening around us since all these (and many more) are aimed at disorientation and secondarily the complete control of thought, will and life.
    Suggesting you to think about whether the GDPR really meant the good of us all and our protection, I suggest you, in the final analysis, to behave all of us as free people and not as subordinates of each (their) law.

  2. Do you write and write about the GDPR while you have done nothing yourself? You have ads and cookies on both sites and you have not even written the right privacy / cookie policy, you have not even put an information system (popup for consent). Nothing, what is he playing? Doesn't it catch you? Write an article to let us know so that the rest of us do not run like crazy with compliance.

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