Giveaway Contest: Find and Win

The boss has gone mad! Find the fastest news site in Greece and win the site :). Yes maybe the title is finally clickbait, but you definitely won't find a faster Greek WordPress news site. For this reason the truth at the end of the publication is given some results.

To get this speed on all of the following machines we had to:

    • Remove almost all original images
    • minimize the size of scripts and css
    • remove any unnecessary PHP code, basically rewrite the genesis child we use
    • remove any unnecessary code from the css of plugins and theme
    • use a trusted and fast server
    • carefully select each plugin based on speed
    • changes to the autoptimize code
    • decrease to first page requests (9 only)
    • Repairs for Best First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL)
    • remove each ad from the original (because the speed counts more)

Let's see the results from GTmetrix, PageSpeed, pingdom and webpagetest:


I'm sure

PageSpeed ​​Mobile

PageSpeed ​​Desktop


and on WebPageTest

'So if you still find a faster page, we give you the site together with Dimitris…. :)

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The competition ends in a week ...

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