Gmail: Confidential feature for everyone from June 25

At March 7 2019, Google announced the launch of Gmail's confidential mode in beta.

Today, our company informed (as G Suite users) that 25 June 2019 will be generally available (GA from the generally available) and will be the default for all domains that use Gmail.

what is the confidential operation;

When you send Gmail messages to confidential operation, recipients are unable to promote, copy, print or download their content or attachments. Senders can also set an expiration date for messages sent in confidence and revoke access to them at any time.

Essentially it is a function that helps protection against unauthorized access to your email.

gmail confidential mode

From June 25, G Suite users will have the option to send confidential emails unless you disable this feature from the management panel.

As an administrator, you can specify whether your users can use the confidential mode by choosing one of the following setup options:

    Deactivation: This option does not allow your domain users to send emails in confidential operation.
    Enable now (beta): This option will enable confidential mode, which is currently in beta. However, the feature will remain enabled when it is put into general availability (GA) on June 25 of 2019.
    Enable when feature is generally available: This is the default option and will activate the confidential feature when it is generally available on 25 June 2019.

What should I do;

Make sure you have selected the appropriate option in the administrator console for your domain before 25 June 2019.

You can find this setting in the Admin Console by going to Applications> G Suite> Settings for Gmail> User Settings.

If you do not act before June 25, your domain will automatically dispose of the confidential feature for your users, meaning that users will have the option to send confidential emails.

How does Gmail's confidential operation work with Vault and eDiscovery?

When a user sends a confidential message, Gmail replaces the body of the message body and the attachments with a link. It then sends only the subject and the body that contains the link via SMTP.

This means that if your users send or receive messages in confidential Gmail mode, Vault will receive, maintain, search, and export messages in confidential mode.

The body of the received messages will only be accessible to Vault if the sender of the message comes from your company (your domain). You can learn more about how Vault works in confidential messages from here.

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