Google+ compensation $ 5 per user….

Emails from Google titled "Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus" started coming in today.

The messages state what happened to the lawsuit filed against Google for data leakage through Google+.

In October of 2018, the Google+ stopped working when it was revealed that personal data of its users were leaked.

Although we have known about this error since May 2018 and that information has been leaked from around 500.000 accounts through Google+ API An internal Google panel has decided not to disclose details of the error.

We later learned that developers using the Google+ API could actually access the 52,5 million Google+ profiles, which had to be private, according to user preferences.

Thus a lawsuit was filed by several plaintiffs against the company.

It should be mentioned that the company refused to take any responsibility during the trial of the case.

"Google denies the plaintiffs' allegations, denies any wrongdoing and any liability, and believes that no member of the service, including the plaintiffs, has been harmed by software bugs," the email said.

As part of this settlement, the court ordered Google to pay $ 7,5 million to the plaintiffs whose information was leaked due to the Google+ error.

Realistically, this means that each user affected by the error will receive about $ 12 for each valid request, at best. Otherwise, as the FAQ explains, each plaintiff can expect a maximum compensation of $ 5 each. This number may, of course, change depending on the number of users requesting payment.

Affected users should check their email that was linked to their Google+ profile and if they see such a notification they should open the page to apply or learn more.

Social network members who submit valid applications can expect to be reimbursed via PayPal or eCheck. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. "Please fill in the form of your credit card, the expiration date and the CCV in the form in the following link so that we can verify the validity and deposit the 12 dollars

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