Google Chrome 105 fixes 24 security holes

Google today released Chrome 105 in the Stable channel for Linux, Mac and Windows.

The new version of Chrome fixes 24 different vulnerabilities on browsing, including one rated critical and eight highly rated vulnerabilities.


Updates are also available for Chrome's Extended Stable channel and Chrome Stable for Android. As always, updates will roll out automatically to most devices with Chrome installed.

Chrome users who want to speed up the update process can open the chrome://settings/help internal address and perform a manual check for updates.

Chrome 105 is an update that makes the most changes in the background. This is a security update. Google states on the official Chrome Releases blog that facing 24 different blanks s.

Ο Chrome Platform Status quotes and, 25 new features for version 105 Stable. But most introduce new API features or make behind-the-scenes changes to the browser. In fact, if you're not a developer, you won't encounter any visible changes or new features.

If you have Chrome installed, you should upgrade the browser to its new version as soon as possible to protect yourself from attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities security patches that were recently patched. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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