Google Chrome no you should not delete it from your mobile

If you have noticed some warnings suggesting deleting Google Chrome browser in its mobile version recently, do not rush to uninstall your browser.

The reason behind the titles and suggestions for deleting Google Chrome browser from your phone or tablet is not due to Chrome (zero day) security vulnerabilities for which Google has issued a warning.

It all started with a tweet from a security researcher detailing how Google Mobile Browser can use your phone's accelerometer for malicious purposes.Google Chrome, chrome, iguru

We will not deal with the analysis of what one can get from the accelerometer of your phone, but we will mention that the usual suspect is once again Facebook and its applications.

Of course the researcher does not explicitly say delete the Chrome browser from your phone, but rather shows how you can turn off the default accelerometer data sharing option.

Needless to say, this was transferred to the internet completely differently, and so warnings about deleting the Google Chrome browser over the weekend began to pop up for no reason.

In short, instead of deleting Chrome, go to Settings> Site Settings> Motion Sensors and turn off default accelerometer data sharing if you're worried about all of the above.

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