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Google has removed the file limit it suddenly imposed on Google Drive. In a Twitter thread, the official Google Drive service account stated that the limit was implemented to maintain system stability and optimize performance.

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Although a very small number of users were affected by the change, Google has rolled it back for everyone. The company also promised to keep people better informed in case of future changes.

For those who don't know what happened: On March 31, 2023 some Google Drive users got an unpleasant surprise. They noticed limitations in Google Drive.

As discovered by Ars Technica, some Google Drive users reported on Reddit that they received a message claiming that they had exceeded the number of allowed files they had stored. The message continued that their account could not accept new files until the existing ones were deleted.

This issue affected both free and paid accounts.

Google put a limit on the number of files someone could store in their account, regardless of the space they use. Google support team confirmed that this is happening to some of the users. The magic number was 5 million files.

A post from Google's API Issue Tracker reveals that the company set this limit in February, but started enforcing it now. Although ultimately not the case, the problem is that Google has never officially disclosed this limit. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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