Local Guides, comment on Maps with Google's reward

Η Google has long been trying to compete with Yelp on restaurant suggestions and other sites on its maps, but it does not have such a large community of evaluators as Yelp. So the search company tries to update the service with its Maps by introducing a new feature, local guides or Local Guides.Local Guides google

The company, replacing the old City Experts program, essentially brings a reward system for Google's most productive reviewers. There are currently four grades of rewards.

Users with 5 + ratings can organize meetingups and gain access to try out new products Google before the official release. Those who have written 50 reviews on Google Maps, their company rewards them with a special brand, and they can access exclusive events.

With 200 + ratings, the user's account will appear as an official Google Account, and can receive annual thank-you gifts from the company.

Yelp, of course, offers a similar program, also known as Elite Squad. In this reviewers or reviewers should apply to be selected. This helps to ensure high-quality reviews, which Google has not ensured.

However, the Google project, Local Guides, seems to make sense, as the primary goal of the company is to increase the number of people who leave comments.

If you want to join the company's new project, you can download from here the latest version of Google Maps that includes Local Guides for devices with Android and iOS.

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