Google Messages & Dialer: read and listen to you once again

Applications Messages and Google Dialer for Android devices collect and send data to Google without specific notice, user consent and without exception.

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Thus the company blatantly violates (once again) the European data protection legislation.

According to a research paper, "What Data Do The Google Dialer and Messages Apps On Android Send to Google?" [PDF], by Douglas Leith, professor of computer science at Trinity College Dublin, Google Messages (for text messaging) and Google Dialer (for phone calls) send data on user communications to Google Play Services Clearcut and Firebase Google Analytics.

"The data sent by the Google Messages application includes a hash of the message text, but allows the sender and recipient to connect directly to an exchange of messages," the study said.

"The data sent by Google Dialer includes the time and duration of the call, allowing the two users involved in a phone call to reconnect. Phone numbers are also being sent to Google. "

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The timing and duration of other user interactions with these applications are also transmitted to Google and the company offers no way out of this data collection.

Both apps come pre-installed on Android, have no privacy policies and do not explain what data is collected, something that Google requires from third-party developers.

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