Google Photos in Microsoft Store: it's ad clicker

A malicious application called "Album by Google Photos" was found to be released on the Microsoft Store. The remarkable thing is that the app pretends to be developed by Google and is part of Google Photos. But it's actually an ad clicker that repeatedly opens hidden ads in Windows 10.Google Photos

This free album by Google Photos claims to be created by Google LLC and its description states: "Finally, a photos app that's as smart as you."

Because this is an ad clicker as mentioned above, the reviews on the app page are not very good. You will find reviews of "Fake App" and "Fake, do not install".
Right now the malicious application seems to have removed from the Microsoft Store.

Album by Google Photos is a progressive web app that works as a front of Google Photos, but contains an ad clicker pack. If you run the application, the ad clicker will connect to remote hosts and show ads in the background to generate revenue for malware developers.

The ad clicker consists of three files located in the application folder. They are called Block Craft 3D.dll, Block Craft 3D.exe and Block Craft 3D.xr.

When you start your app, it welcomes a window asking you to connect to Google Photos. It's a normal Google login screen. While you do not see any code, you should be careful when an app asks you for a link to your accounts.

The application will connect along with to download a configuration file. From this point on, your system will fill ads.

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