Google Play Protect is finally protected on Android

Google is preparing to release another security feature for Android devices, called Google Play Protect.

Google Play Protect will be part of the Google Play Store application and will use engineering app analysis learning to eliminate the dangerous and malicious apps we often find in our store.

When Google Play Protect adapts to the Google Play Store, users will not need to install or enable this security feature separately.Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a service that will always be available and according to the company it detects 50 billion applications a day on one million Android devices.

Google has already implemented some security measures to keep your smartphone safe, such as the Verify Apps service and the Bouncer service. But once apps go to the Play Store and install on your device, Google has nothing to monitor the behavior of these apps, which malware developers know about and exploit.

So with an automatic background run, Google Play Protect will analyze the devices and their applications. Please note that the new security feature will not only analyze the apps before they appear on the Play Store, but will track them once they are installed on the device, as well as applications installed by third-party stores.

For this reason, Google uses engineering learning algorithms, which automatically compare the behavior of applications and distinguish those that work abnormally. If it encounters a malicious application, it will alert you or even immediately turn off the application to prevent further malfunctions.

Google says the service will run around the clock to protect even the latest threats.

With Google Play Protect running, Android Device Manager will be replaced with Find My Device, which is used to find lost devices.

You will be able to use your browser or any other device to call, locate, remotely locate your device or even delete data to protect your sensitive information remotely.

Device Finder is the same old app, but Google has included it in the new Google Play Protect program.

With Safe Browsing on Chrome, Play Protect will allow users to stay safe while browsing the Internet.

Typically, viruses, malicious software and worms enter your smartphones and computers through malicious web browsers. So, if you visit any suspicious site, Safe Browsing will alert you and exclude any pages that appear to be infringing or do not appear to be safe.

The Google Play Protect service will be released on Android devices in the coming weeks.

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