How much does Google know about you?

Google is your gateway to everything on the World Wide Web… but also your portal to more and more of your personal data. So you can find out from your phone location, your photos or the package deliveries you are waiting for. Below we will see some Google search terms that propose the company and worth

You'll probably wonder if only you can see these results. Of course you can not see another when your next trip and your hotel. The results are personal and are based on the personal data that the company collects as you use its services. So the more Google services you use, the more valid your results will be.
Let's say the company collects ALL. From addresses within your Gmail, up to useful shortcuts from the Google homepage or Chrome address bar.

"I've lost my phone"

It's basically the easiest way to see Android Device Manager. If you search on Google's "I've lost my phone," you'll see the last known location of all the phones that are linked to your Google Account. You can locate, call and lock your phone. It works for both Android and iOS devices.

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"Contact -name"

Bring your contacts directly to the Google search page. The search engine connects to the Google Contacts service so it can see and search for your contacts. By writing the term Contact and adding the name of one of your friends or family members, you will be shown the data you are looking for. If there is more than one you will see a list of options. One click on any of the results will start a ringtone via Hangouts.

"My deliveries"

Then we'll see how Google is using the information it collects from your Gmail account. Use "My deliveries" (or "packages" or "purchases") to see your recent orders, which are naturally hidden in your inbox. By clicking on any of the listings displayed on the screen you will see the prices along with any available tracking data.

"My flights"

Gmail can once again tell you every travel plan. So if you search Google for the term "My flights" you can see all your trips from the past as well as what you have planned. By clicking on each entry from the list you will see flight numbers, times, and other key elements.

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"My hotels"

The search term "My hotels" works just like flights. Google searches through your inbox and returns all hotel bookings you have made. Again with one click on any entry in the list will show you more details.

"My shows"

Search for "My shows" and see all upcoming shows, concerts and other events that you can have some confirmation in your Gmail.

"My bills"

The search term will show you every payment account has come to your Gmail. But Google does not give you any financial help.

"My events"

A quick way to search the Google Calendar. If you use the service you can also ask "when's my next appointment?" Or "what am I doing next week?" To get personal answers from the Calendar. Click on a record and you'll see dates and times, descriptions and more.

"My Photos"

Google Photos will respond to "my photos" and "my videos" as long as you use the company's photo storage service.

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