Google removes Ctrl-Shift-Q from Chrome to exit the browser

Google Chrome users who use the Ctrl-Shift-Q keyboard shortcut to close the browser will find that it doesn't work on the 70 version.


If you have downloaded and installed Chrome 70, pressing Ctrl-Shift-Q will prompt you with a prompt on your screen prompting you to press the Alt-F and ξ keys (or Alt-F and X if you have the English version) to exit the program.

Of course, all other exit options continue to work, such as pressing the X at the top right in the main window of the program, or tapping the three lines and then exiting, or right-clicking on the Chrome icon in the taskbar and selecting Exit.

Combining the Ctrl-Shift-Q keys in Chrome on a desktop computer was just an output shortcut. Google changed this shortcut with the ATL-F keys (at the same time) and then within 2 seconds you have to press the "x" key. The above keys work if you have turned your system on a Greek keyboard, but they do not work on an English keyboard. “Ξ” cannot be replaced with “j” if you are running Chrome in Greek.

The possible reason for this change is various user complaints to Google that instead of pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab to change a tab, the fingers went by mistake on Ctrl + Shift + Q and all tabs were closed.

It is interesting to note that Google did not turn off Ctrl-Shift-W, a keyboard shortcut that closes all open tabs and shuts down Chrome without any warning. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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