Today Google's indictment by the antitrust authority of Europe

As we mentioned in a previous post, competition regulators in Europe were ready to move against . The charges against his American company they are based on a five-year investigation that has been halted three times, sparking political storms.

According to Wall journal the regulator of competition in Europe is reportedly planning to file today the first official indictment against it Google because it violates antitrust google

Categories expected to be announced tomorrow will be the first major after Microsoft's case that has already been convicted by the same group a decade ago.

Recode also reported today that Margrethe Vestager, who took over as EU Competition Commissioner in November, flies to the United States on Wednesday and may make a statement after the meeting of European Commissioners s.

The case against Microsoft took over sixteen years to be completed after 1993's initial complaint and resolution of the final fine came to 2004. The Antimonopoly Union of Europe had then set a fine of 1,7 that was EUR millions, which the company paid until 2012.

So the case of Google is likely to take a very long time to complete. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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