The AAA regulation for drones was published

The regulation of the CAA for the was published in the Government Sheet . Amateurs should state them.


Government Gazette / B / 3152 / 30-9-2016 was published regarding the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) drones. Or rather for the Unmanned Aerial Systems or otherwise SMEA.

Those who are interested can do it download in pdf format from the official one of the national printing office.

The SMIEA definitely had to come under a legal framework at some point just for her of manned flights. But in this regulation we see a legislative strictness, especially for the amateurs of their kind, that is, for those who will buy a "game" to play in their free time.

The new requirements are that everyone should declare via an electronic form the flight τους και να αναγράψουν επάνω της ανεξίτηλα το αριθμό αδείας. Ως εδώ καλά, αλλά είδαμε απαγορεύσεις πτήσεων 8 χιλιομέτρων πέριξ των αεροδρομίων πράγμα που σημαίνει ότι σχεδόν σε όλα τα νησιά μας που έχουν ένα τουλάχιστον αεροδρόμιο  οι πτήσεις με drones απαγορεύονται. Μάλιστα αν αφαιρέσουμε και τις απαγορευμένες ζώνες όπως, στρατόπεδα, δημόσια κτίρια, πόλεις, συγκεντρώσεις προσώπων κλπ ο χώρος πτήσης μικραίνει πολύ.

And since we're talking about gatherings of people, the law prohibits the flying of drones by amateurs over gatherings (or if you like from the open category as it states it). If you plan to film your outdoor wedding, you should probably forget about it, or you should pay the professional who holds the special for this and which the regulation took care to grant him.

In the category of professional use of drones, the legislation provides for the possession of a license after examinations, age over 18, certification of English and Greek knowledge and arrives up to a flight plan filing.

Of course, the obligation to file a flight plan to the CAA binds all SMPs flying farther than 50 measures by their operator. That is, they have flight and communication capability beyond 50 measures.

We are waiting to see, on the one hand, the implementation of the basic rules of this regulation (declarations, licenses etc) and its subsequent implementation.

For now if you want to see the 8 mileage limits from the airports of Greece (military, politics and clubs) then you can use the freemapstools website, go to the map it contains and state below it where it says Options - Radius Distance the number 8 km. So every time you click on the map above you will see a green circle with a radius of 8 km that will inform you of the prohibition limits. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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