The person in charge and an employee of a photocopy service was arrested


They were arrested by the Financial Police & Cybercrime Prosecution Service, (2) individuals for violating copyright provisions

This is the manager and one employee ς παροχής υπηρεσιών of photocopies and photocopiers, in Piraeus

31 photos were seized of books (19 different titles) and 3 hard drives (1 external and 2 internal) with over 300 different books in digital format

The Economic Police and Cybercrime Prosecution Service arrested two citizens, a 20.11.2013-year-old responsible and a 42-year-old employee of the provision of photocopying and photocopying services, against which an automatic proceeding was filed, for violation of the provisions on intellectual property.

A report has been filed by an agency that deals with the management and protection of intellectual property and related rights.

In this context, yesterday morning, during στη συγκεκριμένη επιχείρηση, που εδρεύει στην του Πειραιά, εντοπίστηκε to be made available, in electronic as well as printed form (digital and photocopied books), which falls under the provisions that protect the rights of intellectual creators.

Specifically, thirty one (31) photocopied books (19 of different titles) illegally reproduced and three (3) hard disks (1 external and 2 internal) were found and seized, containing over 300 different books in digital form .

In addition to the copyright infringement, there is a significant loss of revenue for the State, the amount of which is examined, as due to the different price of copies & original products, there is a drastic reduction of the value added tax.

The arrested, with the file that was filed against them, were brought to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Pamela. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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