Greg Marra: decides what to read on Facebook!

At age 26 years, Greg Marra is one of the most influential people in the world, according to the New York Times.
Greg Marra

What is he doing; Pilot the algorithm chosen by the articles published on facebook and decide on their luck.
It all started when in 2012 Greg Marra posted on twitter a fake automatic profile, @Trackgirl, who was the ideal friend of people who love jogging. This woman was interacting with her friends on the internet, uploading posts and commenting on events related to jogging. He quickly gained followers but all of them were unaware that he was actually a robot.
This experience made Greg Marra famous through an article in the Wired magazine, which is very valid in the US for technology issues. Immediately, this young boy, working on Google, has passion with the robots and says he likes to create things that come alive on their own, was recruited by Mark Zuckerberg on facebook.

Decides on the articles we read

A month later, this graduate of Olin College, a renowned engineering school near Boston where he came from, became head of Facebook's newsfeed products. His job; Work on the algorithm that decides which articles will be high on the news.

If each of us has access to thousands of posts on facebook every day, facebook itself suggests about 300, which are sorted in some order. At the age of 26, Greg Marra has the ability to change what the approximately 1,3 billion Facebook members see on their page. That makes him one of the most influential people, according to the New York Times.
It has a tremendous influence especially in America, where the 20% of the news site traffic comes from facebook, according to a survey by SimpleReach. Currently, 30% of American adults use facebook to update on topical issues.

So facebook became one of the main news gates
The American media is therefore increasingly dependent on Greg Marra's algorithm, both for traffic and revenue. "Fifteen years ago, Google changed journalism by introducing its referral technique. Today, it is the parameters of facebook that change journalism again. "What we're seeing is that Facebook has allowed us to gain tremendous traffic and reach readers we could not otherwise reach," said Justin Green, a social media expert for the Washington Examiner.

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