Panda Security will continue to provide anti-malware support for Windows XP

As announced by Microsoft, after April 8 2014 technical support for the Windows XP will not be available, including automatic ones security updates.

Despite this announcement, users will be able to continue using Windows XP, knowing of course that their computers will now be more vulnerable security risks, and more specifically to malware.

In this context, the Panda Security announced that the corporate solution Panda Cloud Office Protection (PCOP) will continue to support Windows XP users despite Microsoft's decision to stop supporting the operating system.

Η Panda Security recommends Windows XP users to adopt additional precautionary measures after April and generally follow them best safety practices to prevent malware infections, until they upgraded their operating system to a new and safer version.

Panda Cloud Office Protection 6.8

Panda Cloud Office Protection offers cloud-based cloud protection corporate environment, in real time, thanks to the platform Collective Intelligence of Panda Security. This system ensures maximum security against malware and exploits unknown and unrecognized vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of the infection.

With 6.8, released a few months ago, Panda Cloud Office Protection is the only solution on the market that provides central and cloud-based control on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. In addition, this release also includes a number of new features such as URL filtering and the ability to scan any file type.

Finally, Panda Cloud Office Protection is ideally complemented by Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM), the solution for management, monitoring and support networks which allows administrators to update computer software across the network and manage it mobile devices (MDM) with ease. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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