Hacked the popular hacking forum OGUsers

That's it OGUers, one of the most popular hacking forum on the internet, revealed today a violation, the second since 2019.

"It seems that someone was able to breach the server through a shell that he put in the avatar that he uploaded to the forum software. That's how he got access to our current database, "said Ace, the forum administrator.

hacking forum

The attacker is believed to have stolen information from the forum's 200.000 users.
The briefing was detected by the data breach monitoring service.

Before the forum went offline, administrators announced that they would reset passwords and urged all users to enable 2-factor authentication (XNUMXFA) on their accounts, so as not to use account hijacking data.

The site served as a training ground and meeting place for hackers trying to organize SIM card attacks.

The previous breach took place in May 2019, when a hacker broke into the servers again OGUers, and stole details from the 113.000 users the forum had at the time. But the attack did not stop there, as the hacker deleted the server's hard drives and later posted the stolen data to an opponent. hacking forum.

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