Underground bazaars of hackers - price list

Underground markets of hackers are full of fake documents, credit cards, seminars and tools for hackers, and provide "satisfaction guarantees", according to a new research by Dell SecureWorks.

Do you want to create a false identity? You can buy all the necessities easily through from a hacker bazaar. A fake social security card can be obtained with 200 dollars.hackers Bazaar

From December last year up to this June, over 1.500 fake driving licenses were purchased from a criminal network monitored by Dell researchers, making riches more than 232.660 dollars.

Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), Joe Stewart, and David Shear Network Security Analyst, completed a similar study on underground markets hackers 2013.

Shear and Stewart have seen dozens of hacker markets focusing on four or five of the most popular markets that have enough traffic because they have a good reputation and offer a wide range of products and services. Every bargain offers very good guaranty because payments are made only when buyers confirm that what they bought is quality, useful and not cheated. Buyers usually have 24 hours to cancel the purchase. Bazaar websites are usually international and invite-only, so someone can only enter after a member's invitation.

"These sites are global, and no one really knows exactly where they are hosted," a Dell SecureWorks spokesman said..
"And although all these websites use English for their communication, there are members from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The most significant difference between today's underground hackers markets and those of 2013 is the explosion of fake documents, such as identity cards, passports, utility bills, social security cards, and driving licenses. The forged documents allow crooks to demand bank loans, commit fraud or checks in general.A9BYJH Highly technical looking computer program on screen in darkened room

Despite the continuous takedowns by law enforcement, underground hacker markets continue to flourish. The remaining ones are working more and more professionally, adopting, for example, reputation systems and guarantees for aspiring credit card fraudsters that they will not be deceived. As Dell SecureWorks explains:

Some sellers give a 100% guarantee. If a fake credit card fails to withdraw 200 dollars, vendors will replace the card. Sellers provide terms and conditions with each purchase, identifying the conditions where they can replace a card that did not work.

But underground markets also have other products. Seminars on hacking and hacking start with a simple tutorial for 1 dollar. in a complete set of hacking for 30 dollars. These packages are hacking guides for beginners that explain how to make a web violation.

The value for Remote Access Trojans (RATs) is significantly cheaper than last year. Right now with 20 up to 50 dollars you can find the following: darkcomet, blackshades, cybernate, predator pain, and Dark DDoser. Last year, the price of RATs started from 50 and reached 250 dollars.

The current price for a paid online violation ranges between 100 and 200 dollars. Last year, the cost was from 100 to 300 dollars. The current price for hacker hiring to hit a website is slightly lower than last year's. DDoS attacks cost about 60 to 90 per day.

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