They earned the million of Zeriodium with remote jailbreak on iOS 9

Finally, a winner was found in of Zeriodium. Apple devices are generally considered by security experts to be more secure, and difficult to hack. But difficult does not mean impossible.jailbreak ios-9 Zeriodium

During the weekend someone was able to prove that it is possible to violate at least one of these Apple devices: the iPhone.

The hack came after a challenge was issued in September as a bug from Zeriodium, which offered one million dollars for “an exclusive, -based, untethered jailbreak for Apple's latest iOS" and ended on October 31st.

To win the money one had to deliver to Zerodium one capable of operating through a browser (Safari or Chrome) or through a text or multimedia message.

Zerodium after payment can have full rights and the ability to install it wherever it wants.

This method is quite complicated for many reasons. The last time we saw such a jailbreak was with iOS 7.

Zerodium has not yet announced the name of the individual s, who won the prize of one million. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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