The AnonSec hacking team tried to crash NASA's drone

The hacking group AnonSec has published που περιέχουν στοιχεία από 2.414 υπαλλήλους της NASA, 631 με καταγραφές από διάφορα αεροσκάφη και ραντάρ της NASA και 2.143 αρχεία καταγραφής πτήσης.


Στο κείμενο που συνόδευε τα The AnonSec said that NASA was accidentally hacked into 2013 when one of the Gozi viruses released on the internet infected one of the server's servers.

Χρησιμοποιώντας αυτή την αρχική πρόσβαση, οι hackers της ομάδας κατάφεραν να αποκτήσουν πρόσβαση στον root του server σε μόλις 0.32 λόγω του εξαιρετικά απλού κωδικού Admin.

The team not only retained access to the hacked server, but over time they managed to extend their access to NASA's internal network, ultimately breaking up three NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

NASA made use of these devices to download and then back up flight plans from missions of unmanned aircraft (drones). AnonSec members got root access to these devices and stole some of the data stored on the hard disk.

Later, the hackers were able to view the CCTV από το Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, και Dryden Flight Research Center.

Τα μέλη της AnonSec ανακάλυψαν επίσης τις βίντεο καταγραφές από τις τακτικές αποστολές της NASA Global Hawk drones και Operation Ice .

When analyzing some grid movements, hackers found that NASA engineers often loaded a predefined flight plan for most of their drone missions.

Using a simple MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attack, hackers took off one of these flight plans and replaced it with one of their own, which provided a NASA-rated Global Hawk Drone worth $ 222.700.000 to crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean .

Although the managed team loaded a custom .gpx file that controls the unmanned aircraft according to its wishes, one of the NASA engineers detected a change in the original plan of the unmanned aircraft and thus manually took control of the ship .


Soon after this incident, NASA realized what was going on and AnonSec lost access to NASA's servers. The team shared a screenshot showing that the of the drone's flight plan took place on April 9, 2015.

Before uploading the files they had on Facebook and Infowars, hackers tried to communicate with Wikileaks and The Guardian. After a pre-update and initial access to the data, Infowars confirmed that the data contained accurate information about NASA's 2.414 employees, including names, email and phone numbers. But nobody accepted to publish the data, not even Wikileaks.

AnonSec justified their actions by saying that the US and NASA have been dealing with it for a long time climate (clouds, or chemtrails) and have manipulated local and global weather conditions.

The team has shared around 275GB data via BitTorrent links. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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