Google's harsh criticism from Germany

BERLIN. A shocking SOS was issued on Wednesday, through the pages of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, by the director of the German publishing group Springer, Matthias Deppner. Deppner described in nightmarish terms the growing power amassed by the Google against ordinary citizens, but even large and profitable ones like his.


"We're afraid of Google," said Deputy, describing the Internet giant as a "mandatory partner". "We, and many others, are addicted to Google. The suggestion "if you do not like Google going elsewhere" looks like a recommendation to nuclear warriors to stop using electricity. "

Deppner admitted that his group, which publishes Bild and Die Welt newspapers among others, is in a "schizophrenic" state. On the one hand, it cooperates with Google in the internet sector and on the other hand he is participating in a class action against the company, which he accuses of copyright theft.

In his lengthy letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Deppner accused the US giant of "selling protection". According to Deppner, Google highlights results that furthers its interests and forces companies that should appear at the top of the results to pay to appear. Deppner blames her directly Commission and the Competition Commissioner Almunia that they are taking the side of Google. "Is power. Is there a possibility of an autonomous European Internet infrastructure or not?", he asks.

Then he criticizes the Google Director's phrase "if there is something you do not want to know, do not do it". "Behind this concept lies the mentality of authoritarian regimes, not of free societies," notes Deputy. "Such phrases could be said by Stasi's director or some other secret service of a dictatorship. Only dictatorships want transparent citizens. "

Deputy notes that Google has "acquired all the treasure of human data". "How can competition work in the digital age if so much data is gathered in the hand of a single player?"

Even regulatory actions to restrict the use of cookies (programs installed on computers and track user habits) benefit Google, "as it has the leading edge in user-tracking technologies without the use of cookies".

Deppner's letter addresses issues concerning his group ("a simple change in Google's algorithm causes a drop in traffic to subsidiary company of our group, which is competitive with Google, by 70%. This is a real example"), but also issues of global interest. "Google's founder and largest shareholder, Larry Page, dreams of a place without privacy laws and without democratic control," writes Deppner, "and that's why he's in favor of the company owning giant office ships that will sail around the world. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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