Hector Monsegur or Sabu turns out to be a security researcher

Remember Hector "Sabu" Monsegur? He appears to be the youngest full-time member of Rhino Security Labs (RSL), a Seattle-based company specializing in pen-testing and cyber-security.

Monsegur will serve on the team for evaluation and research. According to an RSL blog post, "Hector has focused on the most technically difficult security commitments, the development of zeroday vulnerabilities and other innovative solutions."hector-monsegur

The company reports that much of this work is already underway, and that it will publish the work of Monsegur by the end of the year.

For those who do not know Monsegur is a controversial figure in the cyber security scene due to his role in the LulzSec hacking team, the most notorious Anonymous team he founded and led some time before 2011.

The FBI secretly captured Monsegur 2011, and since then served as a whistleblower for over ten months, helping the security agency identify several of his colleagues, the LulzSec team and other hacktivists from Anonymous.

Due to his cooperation with the FBI, a judge sentenced him to seven months in prison he had already served. So Monsgur stepped out of court, but he was banned from being online for two years.

After the end of the ban, Monsegur chose to enter the security sector as an independent researcher. However, due to his previous action as a member of LulzSec, many companies avoided working with him. So Rhino Security Labs thought to take the opportunity.

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