Hillary Clinton: Bill Gates & Tim Cook for Vice-Presidents

According to the latest information that continues to come from WikiLeaks after Hillary Clinton's mailbox hacker, big names like Bill Gates and Tim Cook were considered potential candidates for the White House vice president.

As reported for the first time by Gizmodo, the e-mail was stolen by Hillary Clinton and includes a large list of political, military, and Chief Executive Officers. Particularly noteworthy names are those of Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates.Hillary Clinton

Cook would be the first vice president who has openly admitted that he is gay, and Melinda Gates is the first woman to be in this position.

Other candidates included in Clinton's email are former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz and many others.

The email was sent to 13 2016 in March, and the recipient was John Podesta, head of the Clinton election campaign.

It will be quite interesting to see a government made up of great names of technology. Naturally no one can say with certainty that what the email claims will become reality.

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