HosTaGe: Honeypot application for Android phones

The HosTaGe is a light functional honeypot for mobile phones aimed at detecting malicious, wireless networks.

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As most malware spreads through the network and through specific protocols, a honeypot can control wireless networks for active malware proliferation.

The company, as it states, envisions such honeypots to work on all types of mobile devices, e.g. smartphone and tablet, to provide a quick security assessment of a network.

The HosTaGe imitates the following protocols in its latest version: AMQP, COAP, ECHO, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MySQL, MQTT, MODBUS, S7COMM, SNMP, SIP, SMB, SSH, SMTP and TELNET

To start the service honeypot, the device must be connected to WiFi or LTE / 4G network. The service honeypot can be started from the home screen using the switch. By default, the "Paranoid" profile starts, which mimics all protocols in HosTaGe.



The bot has three states:

  1. Safe (Cheerful Dancing)
  2. Under Attack! (Jumping in red with a bee)
  3. Infected Network (A vigil bot)

By default when the service starts honeypot in a new network, the android bot starts with a happy gesture indicating that the network is secure. The current state of the network can also be checked by double-clicking on the bot.

When it detects an attack, the android bot starts jumping in panic with a bee around him. This is done to notify the user that an attack has been detected.

The bot displays the panic function for a detected attack for a period of 15 minutes. After this period, the bot displays a warning gesture notifying the user that the network is infected.

The HosTaGe It also stores the infected networks in its database so that the user is notified whenever the application is connected to an infected network.


Application snapshots




You can download the application from here.. It is no longer available from the Play Store.

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