Hover drone camera for flying selfies

Flying selfies? Zero Zero Robotics is a Beijing-based company. The company today announced the Hover Camera drone, a retractable device that can fly to detect your face wherever you go.

The camera of your device promises irresistible selfies.

The camera is at 13MP that can capture 4K videos or 360 panoramic shots. It can not fly up to a maximum height of 50 meters.

Hover Camera

How; Just turn on the device and throw it in front of you. She will begin to hover. With an application, you can change the viewing angle of the camera, or the flight height of the drone. When you finish with one click you have your photo.

Then fold it and put it in your bag.

Zero Zero Robotics reports that the camera uses face recognition technology, and that it can evade obstacles and people as it follows you. What it does not have, however, is a GPS tracker if you miss it.

The Hover Camera drone is not for sale yet, but the team is looking for beta testers that can help further develop it. A first estimated value is 600 dollars.


Hover Camera Drone


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