IMDb rates The Interview with… 10!

Before the laughing with "The Interview", the possibility of a comedy with him James Franco and Seth Rogen to catch it "Absolute 10" on IMDb and super scores on R it did not seem very likely.


The scenario, of course, involving him controversial (but titanous, in any case) her ruler North Korea, Kim Jong-un the hack in Sony Pictures that discusses the planet, the threats to the studio and all the uproar that followed, has made "The Interview" the the most talked-about film of the year, although its projection, for the time being, has canceled by Sony Pictures…

Because, however, the world loves the forbidden and because the decision to cancel his projection more "Angry" Despite being relieved, "The Interview" has become a favorite movie of the Internet world. Hence the unrealistic ratings we mentioned above IMDb (the score is at 9.9 at this time) and Rotten Tomatoes that make the film one of them best ever.

the interview

If, however, one wants to judge her seriously, she will not claim to be anything more than a… hiccups which, according to the WSJ and his indicative criticism, "To see her is a torture from beginning to end". Take a look at what this Kim Jong-un is doing to us…

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