iPhone 13 Pro jailbreaked in 15 seconds (iOS 15.x)

The Tianfu Cup, or TFC (International Cracking Competition), is China's largest hacking competition. It aims to create a new Chinese community like "Pwn2Own", because in the spring of 2018, the Chinese government banned the country's security investigators from participating in hacker competitions organized abroad, such as Pwn2Own.

The Tianfu Cup 2021, took place on Saturday 16 and today Sunday 17 October. The prize for the winners of this year's competition was $ 1,5 million.

So this year on October 16, 2021, a team managed to breach Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 in less than 5 minutes. The hack was done through a 0day vulnerability that is not fixed with the latest Exchange Server updates (October 2021).

But the stars of the competition were the PangU team that managed to break an iPhone 13 Pro (with iOS 15.x) on the first day.

The team managed to demonstrate a remote jailbreak and received a prize of $ 320.000.

On day 2 of the TFC 2021 competition, an iPhone 13 Pro was breached within 15 seconds via a remote code execution in the Safari browser by the Kunlun Lab team.

As for you who are waiting for a jailbreak, it is unlikely to be released by the Pangu team to the general public.

But it's important because it proves that Apple's latest platform is not as robust, despite what some security researchers in the community said when they argued that Apple's new operating system would make jailbreaking much more difficult.

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