iPhone or Mac: two different ways of hacking

For most of us, the security of iOS and macOS is enough. So iPhone and MacOS users can sleep soundly, as they are sure that their data is safe.

But can they really sleep peacefully? It depends on the hacker decision. A determined hacker can discover a new way, and for the sake of truth, below we will look at two different ways of hacking on iPhone and MacOS devices.

Let's see how a cable can be used to break a Mac. The O.MG cable is an Apple Lightning charging cable with a twist. This twist can be modified to allow access to any Mac connected via a Wi-Fi network.

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"Eventually, I was able to make the implant 100% in my home and then integrate it into a cable," says MG, the cable maker. "This particular cable costs around $ 200."

The O.MG cable also has a remote kill switch that can be used as a way to hide the hack.


Regarding the hack on the iPhone, security researchers presented at Black Hat held in Las Vegas, a way to bypass iPhone ID's Face ID within 120 seconds.

Sounds scary, but in reality, this hack requires the owner of the device to sleep. Not just to fall asleep, but to dry in sleep, as the hacker will have to put a pair of custom glasses on the victim's face to trick the iPhone Face ID system.

With these glasses, the iPhone "thinks" that the owner is awake and trying to unlock his cell phone.


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